About us:

In 2018, the Farm Bill passed and we were able to apply to start growing hemp. Although it took two years to get a license, that time was well spent in hands-on study and practice, perfecting farming with similar crops. In 2020, we received one of the first 150 licenses issued from the Department of Agriculture to cultivate Hemp in Florida, a big win! We meticulously hunted for a breed of Cannabis with high CBD content that met our <.03 thc requirement. we finally settled on a few different strands and started our crop. while waited for plants to grow built lab acquired testing extraction processing equipment experiment create. it all felt like dream. in the kenneth kush company artisan cbd oil created with love in-house from seed final product. provide community family friends local responsible reliable source everyday use their wellness routines. ken skincare brand was sparked by friend who struggling acne could not find solution no matter how many products they tried. as result formula blended that has subtle scents colors is completely vegan all-natural plant powered cruelty-free. now tremendous support have production line can produce tubes per year still keeping product this just beginning of evolving startup incorporates benefits into your beauty routine. subscribe updates latest offers news.>